TGA Clients at The Edinburgh Fringe

A number of our clients will be performing at The Edinburgh Fringe this, check out a full list of what they’re up to.




Belly Laugh, Underbelly Cowgate. 19.40pm.  Not 15th.

Abigoliah teaches Bikram Yoga, does Cross Fit, Tough Mudders and run marathons.  But why?  What exactly is she searching for? And why is it easier to find enlightenment in glass of bourbon than in a yoga studio?

Abigoliah also hosts Spank! at the Underbelly Cowgate(Belly Dance) at midnight Aug 4-27th.



Billiard Room, Gilded Balloon.  22:00pm. Not 14th.

Having received five star reviews at this year’s Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth festivals Alice Fraser returns to the Fringe with her new hour of unpredictably meaningful, narratively unorthodox, art-comedy.  “Fraser executes with such insight, tenderness and love, writing with the language and potency of a poet, that the poignancy hangs on your soul. But it’s funny too…. She could give Daniel Kitson a run for his money” (Steve Bennett – Chortle)


BEN POPE (as part of Princes Of Main sketch group)

Bedlam Theatre. 21:30pm.

2017 has been a bad year – personally, politically and particularly for sketch trio Princes of Main. Join these beautiful nightmares as they reset the clock, starting with Edinburgh’s biggest, baddest, dumbest New Year’s Eve party. Ever. In August. Ever. Expect general raucousness, lieutenant sketches and admiral fun.



Nightclub, Gilded Balloon.  18:45pm.  Not 17th.

Fringe veteran Burns returns and this time he’s got ‘fizzing ball of rage’ Craig Quartermaine with him. They perform what we think may be the first White Australian /Indigenous Australian double act ever. It won’t be as tense as it sounds. Honest.  This has been Brendon’s best reviewed/received show since his Perrier Award winning in 2007.



Heroes @ Monkey Barrel. 22.20pm. Not 15th.

It’s a fairly self-explanatory title.


THE DEATH HILARIOUS ‘The Scum Always Rises’

Attic, Pleasance Courtyard.  22:45pm.  Not 16th.

Welsh character weirdos. Features Creole exorcists, sex robots and existentialist bank robbers.   Think Little Britain directed by Ken Russell.  In the Attic’s late-night, twisted character slot. “Immersive and brilliant comedy…among the funniest double acts I’ve seen” – The Bristol Post. “Aggressive bottom feeders. Should not be kept in a community tank” – Dr Sterba’s Aquarium Handbook.  London Sketchfest Screen Winners 2016.



Wee Coo, Underbelly George Square. 22:40pm. Not 16th.

You don’t know Dougie?  Scottish, gorgeous beard, bit of a thinker. This show is the third in his ‘German Trilogy’. It’s a themed character show that’s a silly exploration of what an audience brings to a show. Crockery, hopefully.  There’s more to watching comedy than sitting in the dark; it’s a big responsibility. Best Comedy Award Winner Adelaide Fringe 2016.


DOUGLAS WALKER ‘Has A Nice Sit Down’

Venue varies from day to day. Check @douglassits   14:00pm.  Not 15th.

The Fringe is a bloody hectic business. We all need to have a little rest now and then. So Douglas (the handsome one from Racing Minds) is going to have a nice sit down for an hour a day. You can join him if you like; have a chat, cup of tea maybe.  Venues and guests vary.


MARK FORWARD ‘Wins All The Awards’

Dining Room, Gilded Balloon.  20:15pm. Not 14th.

Following an Edinburgh debut in 2015 that became a word of mouth, ‘comedians comedian’ hit show Mr Mark Forward returns. Expect bears, death, sentient cows and more death.  Spot him in a recurring role in the latest series of Fargo.



Pleasance Two, Pleasance Courtyard.  21:30pm.  Not 14th.

He’s back.  Five star fringe phenomenon Red Bastard returns with a show about love, lies and the truth.  He intends on having an affair with everyone in the audience. He promises to keep his pants on this time. Though he could be lying…


SEAN KELLY ‘ The Sean Kelly Chatshow’

Ermintrude, Underbelly Med Quad.  15:35pm.  Not 16th.

Star of Storage Hunters UK with a live chatshow.  Two guests a day, chat, comedy and an auction.


SEAN KELLY ‘ Sold Your Way’

Ermintrude. Underbelly Med Quad.  18:55pm.  Not 16th.

“ That guy from Storage Hunters? Doing comedy? “ . Yes, you’ve got it – Sean ran his own comedy club in San Diego and performed stand-up three nights a week for almost a decade.  He also headlined the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Come and hear him tell tales of his crazy life: he saw combat in the Gulf War, he had the highest security clearance in the US military (ok he can’t say TOO much about that), his upbringing in Germany and  travels around the world.



Ermintrude, Underbelly Med Quad.  20:35pm.  Not 16th.

A theatrical comedy show about history of booze. An hour of jokes and learning with FREE BOOZE.  Go on –  take an hour off from sitting at the back of a room judging performers.  Come along, have a drink, enjoy yourself, what’s the worst that could happen?


WILL SEAWARD ‘Goes to Eldorado’

Heroes @ The Hive, 15:30pm. Not 16th.

Will read Anthropology at Cambridge because he ‘wanted to be an explorer’.  He was distracted by performing comedy but is now back on track. He’s off to find a Lost City somewhere in Central America.   And he is recruiting. ‘Part Brian Blessed, Oscar Wild, part crazed Victorian music hall MC’ – The Telegraph.


WILL SEAWARD’S Spooky Midnight Ghost Stories IV

Wee Room, Gilded Balloon. 00:00pm.  Aug 2-8, 15-20, 22-28th.

Becoming a Fringe Institution, the ‘new Brian Blessed’ brings his latest collection of Ghost Stories back to the Wee Room.  Warning: contains ectoplasm.