Major Tom. Screenwriter and part-time Space Oddity.

Floating in a tin can, far above the world, Tom writes drama and comedy with heart, humour and warmth. Alright, it’s a converted garage in Swindon, but he’s still pumping out some deep, meaningful stuff, OK?

Tom has recently been working on an as yet unannounced comedy commission for BBC3.

Tom is also developing a number of other projects, including a continuing procedural drama called ‘The Invisible Men’/’The Undetectables’ about a diverse crew of individuals from a Police Covert Ops Team. Drawing on thirteen years’ experience as a Police Officer himself (back when his hair was a little more regulation), Tom’s hoping to tap into a rich vein of interpersonal drama in a world that is, by its very nature, secretive and mysterious… just like him, ahem.

Speaking of which, the other projects Tom is developing are all completely hush-hush, so you’ve seen nothing, right?

Tom lives with his wife and two teenage daughters who are already far more talented than he, but until they’ve completely smashed the patriarchy, he’ll use his age and treachery to overcome their youth and ability.