Samia Rida is a screen writer and actress of Saudi/Welsh heritage.

She is a member of the BBC Writers Room London Voices group for 2020. Her writing is darkly funny and ranges across all the big themes: family, identity, gender, relationships and sausages… She writes from a fairly unique perspective (show me all the other screenwriters in a Saudi/Welsh venn diagram) and has a fondness for characters who are looking to reconcile a dysfunctional past with some kind of hopeful future. She wants to write shows that amuse and provoke the audience in equal measure.

Projects she is currently developing include a comedy drama about a yoga teacher who blackmails one of her high net worth clients and find herself drawn into a world of financial corruption and insider trading, a comedy drama based on her own experiences of belonging to a British cult and a drama about a father who kidnaps his own daughter – again based on her own experience.