Stand-up comedian, viral blogger and bestselling author Sam Avery (aka The Learner Parent) started his award-winning blog when his twin boys were born.

A million nappies, Peppa Pig episodes and a head-full of hair loss later, he shares all the lows, highs and hilarious in-betweens of his experiences of first-time parenthood.

Sam’s honest, messy account of wrestling with sleep deprivation and breast pumps – right through to his botched attempts at discipline and pathetic bids to stifle various toddler tantrums that definitely registered on the Richter scale – will have you testing your pelvic floor with laughter.

Sam Avery wanted to be a rock star.  It nearly happened.

Despite being signed up by BMG Records at the age of 17 (he had to resign from his beloved paper round), and subsequently toured with Motorhead and Ice T. The story soon took a familiar turn.  Contracts were annulled, money was stolen and before he knew it he was back at the paper shop asking for his fluorescent bag back.  He had crap hair anyway.

Subsequent jobs (including a brief stint as a stockbroker) failed to excite him the way the smell of sweat and snakebite had.  He turned to stand up before too long.

Friendly and enthusiastic, his observational style instantly puts audiences at ease allowing him to regale them with his tales of everyday life.

Sam has gained a reputation for being able to spark the dullest of rooms into life. With his warm, infectious humour and quick wit which makes him ideal as either an act or compere.

The Learner Parent has become a viral hit on Facebook. Amassing more than 150,000 followers, lead to Sam getting a little respite from parenting through going on his first comedy UK national tour. The Learner Parent hits the road again in 2019 for another UK national tour.

Quick wit and painfully funny” – Metro

A gifted storyteller” – The List