KARIM IS A British-TUNISIAN screenWRITER CURRENTLY splitting his time between THE BIG SMOKE and the big waffle…

Karim’s first big break came after winning StoryCircus, an international competition for new screenwriting talent. This saw him option his animated feature screenplay BITE ME to Marza Animation Planet, the film production arm of Sega.

In 2018 Karim optioned his original comedy/horror series THE MONTHLIES to Brown Eyed Boy (VICIOUS, 3 NON BLONDES), going on to help develop several other TV projects with BEB, as well as working with Neon Unicorn (TURN UP CHARLIE) and Character 7 (THE NIGHT MANAGER).

In 2019 Karim was chosen to be part of the London Library’s Emerging Writers Programme, a unique opportunity that offers selected writers the chance to work on their own projects with the support of the library’s extensive network of creative talent and literary resources.

In 2020 Karim, along with nine other writers from a variety of BAME, disabled and LGBTQ backgrounds, collaborated on a brand-new anthology drama series being developed in-house by Sky Studios.

As of 2021 a sitcom co-created by Karim is currently being developed by Sky Studios and Vicky McClure and Jonny Owen’s production company Build Your Own Films. 2021 also saw Karim co-authoring a mockumentary sitcom for Round World Productions, as well as taking part of the writers’ room for season four of the hit Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters drama BULLETPROOF.