Abel Diaz has loved the screen since he would stay up and watch Batman Returns as a sprog, laughing a little too hard when the Penguin bit off a nose. Of Spanish-descent and neurodiverse, Abel writes vivid worlds with a keen interest in history and the plasticity of family.

Starting off with the dark comedy short Wrapped Up, snagging Best Student Film at the Kiev International Film Festival 2019, Abel parlayed his skill and personal experience when he joined the writing staff of the BAFTA-nominated CBeebies/RTE Jr. series Pablo. The series, focusing on the misadventures of a small boy with autism who uses art to solve problems, has been praised for having its writers and actors all be individuals on the autistic spectrum. He wrote two episodes, both aired in 2020: Headache Volcano, drawing from a migraine malady that lasted into his teen years, and Oink, Cluck, Neigh!, based on the social anxiety and love of anthropomorphism he had as a child.

He shot up from tykes to terror when Barry Ryan and David Walton, the heads of Free@Last TV (Agatha Raisin, the upcoming Flight of the Falcon), hired him to adapt Paul Magrs’ (Doctor Who) cult horror novels The Brenda & Effie Mysteries as a 6×60 drama (books which count Russell T. Davies among its fans). As a life-long fantasy/horror fan, he relished it. Beginning with the first book (and series title) Never The Bride, the wild horror-fantasy series recounts the life-after-life of the legendary Bride of Frankenstein after the events of the Shelley Novel. Set in the town of Whitby (yep, from Dracula), Brenda balances life as a BnB owner with a quaint hobby of solving the town’s supernatural goings-on. She is aided in her battles by her forever-nitpicking white witch friend, Effie White.

In 2021, Abel was one of the four winners of ITV Original Voices, a scheme to train in continuing drama with the Emmerdale team, earning a commendation from exec producer Jane Hudson. He is currently developing an episode of BBC One’s Doctors.

Abel views his heritage and disability as a valuable asset to any writers room: born to working class Galician migrants in the glorious 90s, he overcame poor medical diagnosis, bullying and crushing anxiety to build a versatile career in the arts.