Karim Flint is a writer currently based in the Big Smoke.

Karim once thought he was going to be a crusading reporter. Think Woodward and Bernstein, but with better hair. However, he quickly realised that the stories percolating through his brain were far more entertaining… plus his blogging skills really suck.

After graduating from the London Film School Karim’s first big break came after winning StoryCircus, an international competition for new screenwriting talent. This saw him option his animated feature screenplay BITE ME to Marza Animation Planet, the film production arm of Sega.

As well as dipping his toe back into journalism every now and again Karim has also moonlighted as a comic book scribe. In fact in 2014 his co-authored graphic novel anthology TO ARMS! was featured as part of the British Library’s Comic Books Unmasked exhibition.

In 2018 Karim optioned his original comedy/horror series THE MONTHLIES to Brown Eyed Boy (VICIOUS, 3 NON BLONDES). He’s subsequently collaborated with companies such as Neon Unicorn (TURN UP CHARLIE) and Character 7 (THE NIGHT MANAGER), helping them to develop several exciting original TV properties.

In 2019 Karim was chosen to be part of the London Library’s Emerging Writers Programme, a unique opportunity that offers writers the chance to develop their projects with the support of this august institution.

Karim’s mind is a weird, dark and pretty amusing place to visit, and the stuff he writes tends to reflect these sensibilities.