BBCNI Fright Short ‘Costume Drama’ starring Shane Todd

BBC Northern Ireland releases new short-form online strand ‘Fright Shorts’, starring Shane Todd.

TIGHT SHORTS has been a huge success for BBC NI’s social media comedy strand . Building on that success BBCNINorthern Ireland Screen and BBC Writersroom have come together to create a Halloween inspired strand of comedy Fright Shorts!

Episode one stars TGA client Shane Todd as a vampire, who just wishes his Undead human rights and culture be respected by the fully alive. Also starring are a host of Northern Irish and Irish actors and comedians.

When two employees at a fancy dress shop are accosted by a vampire, witch and mummy, they learn their spooky visitors may not be the stereotypical monsters they appear.

Produced by Nice One TV and Retort, this is the first of 6 episodes. Each telling a uniquely funny story, with a frightening twist.

Costume Drama is only available on BBC iPlayer, click here to watch.

Fright Shorts

With such high quality comedy coming out of BBCNI writers room, we can’t wait to see what Shane and BBC’s London writers room participants come up with.

Ulster Hall shows selling fast

Shane is performing his new solo stand-up show at Ulster Hall on Thursday 4th, and Saturday 6th November 2018. Saturday night is sold out, tickets are still available for the Thursday night, buy direct from Ulster Hall by following the link.